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So if you want to make a character, this would be the list of books available:

  • Classic Traveller, LBB 1977 Edition
    • Book 1 – Characters and Combat
    • Book 2 – Starships
    • Book 3 – Worlds and Adventures
  • Supplement 1 – 1001 Characters
  • Supplement 2 – Animal Encounters
  • Supplement 4 – Citizens of the Imperium

This is not the IMPERIUM as many understand from Classic Traveller and later editions. The original LBB’s were written to encourage GM and players invest time and play in their own creations, using the rules as guidelines.

One of the inspirations for the original books is a series called Dumarest of Terra, a 33-volume series of science fiction novels by Edwin Charles Tubb. While I have not read all of the books yet, I have managed to get through the first 10. Thanks to online books, they are now easier to purchase and read.

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Main Page

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