The Last Stop

It may not be pretty but it will get you there

Name: The Last Stop Registration: Type: A-J2
Origin: Imperium Class: Beowulf TL: 11
Builder: Cost (new): 53.883 Cr. Occupation: Free Trader
Maintenance (monthly): 4,989 Cr. Life Support (monthly) 20,000 Cr. Crew Cost (monthly):
Hull Tonnage: 200 Streamlined? yes Full Crew 4
Length: 46m Width 25m Height 9.3m
Acceleration: 2 Jump: 2 Power Plant: 2
Fuel (in tons): 44 Cargo (in tons): 60 Hardpoints: 2
Staterooms: 10 Passengers: 6 Low Berths 5


  • Hardpoint 1:
  • Hardpoint 2:


  • Fuel Scoops Included
  • 2 x Fuel Processor Processes 40 tons of fuel a day
  • Ship’s Locker
  • Air/Raft

Computer Model: 1/bis CPU: 5 Storage 10


  • Manoeuvre/0
  • Library/0
  • Jump Control/2


Capable of a two parsec jump and a thrust of 2G, the J2 model Beowulf replaces the jump 1 drive with a jump 2 drive. The increased jump capability provides the J2 with a bigger range and thus bigger trade opportunities. This makes the J2 a viable alternative to a far trader for independent captains or for smaller cargo orientated merchant companies.

Increased fuel tank capacity provides fuel for a single jump of two parsecs and retains an operational duration of two weeks.

Source Shipbook: Type A Free Trader by Moon Toad Publishing

The Last Stop

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