Jacob Gruder

Well-dressed distinguished looking gentleman - the Baron

Name: Jacob Gruder UPP: 469A9C Title: Baron
Occupation: Traveller Height: 5’9" Weight: 190 lbs.
Hair: Black Eyes: Blue Age: 46

Cr: 110,000

A handsome man with black hair going silver at the temples. He does nothing to hide this. Usually dressed in a very nice tailored black suit with a white or grey turtle-neck shirt. Over the suit he has a black trench-coat, also tailored. When allowed, he wears a side-holster with an auto pistol.

Although he holds the proper title of Baron, he prefers those he calls friends to simply address him as Gruder.

Ship: The Last Stop

Service: Diplomat Branch: Retired? yes
Terms Served: 5 Final Rank: Ambassador Retirement Pay: CR4000
Service: Other Branch: Retired? no
Terms Served: 2 Final Rank: Retirement Pay:

Skills: Recruiting 1, Air/Raft 1, Gun Cbt (pistol) 1, Gun Cbt (shotgun), Liaison 1, Gambling 2, Admin 1, Carousing 1, Computer 1, Streetwise 1, Vacc Suit 1, Brawling 1


Because his family was wealthy and came from nobility, Jacob joined the Diplomatic Corp. After so many wars, he felt he would do everything he could to avert them and save lives. He managed to make a 20-year career out of serving as a Diplomat. He was good at his job, built a network of contacts and a few allies.

But he was honest and when approached by a cabal of nobles to overthrow a small local government, he refused and turned many of them in. He was unaware of how big the true conspiracy and made powerful enemies that day.

Realizing that his career momentum had ended, he retired and spent the next 8-years knocking about space. Picking up some contacts here and there, seeing another side of life, getting into and out of a few scrapes, and learning a few new handy skills.

Character from Supplement 4: Citizens of the Imperium and from Book 1: Characters and Combat

Jacob Gruder

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